About the Artist

"I'm particularly interested in maintaining a certain hardiness in my work, much like the nature of my subject matter."

My paintings are inspired by people and places of the region where I live. I put a certain hardiness into each painting while keeping a fair amount of spontaneity.

My style is slightly impressionistic in the American Golden Age of Illustration (1920 - 1940) sense. While artists of that period were considered illustrators, time has proven them to be some of America's most prolific and defined fine artists. I'm inspired by two of my favorite artists of that period, Harvey Dunn and NC Wyeth, both of whom studied under master painter Howard Pyle.

Nearly all of my paintings deal with moments of time, those personal moments that pass quickly but are particular to the subject. My personal favorites are simple portrayals that evoke a multitude of stories and emotions.

Enjoying a career that has spanned over 40 years, Mick paints from his studio near Belle Fourche, SD.

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